Opportunities and Projects

Here’s a list of projects and other opportunities to lend a hand, as of July 2015.  I hope to keep it updated, but if I don’t, please don’t hesitate to call (302) 540 0912, or e-mail at oh.farm@yahoo.com.  We’d like you to be involved.


Mapmaker — With the raspberry harvests, we’d like to be able to direct people clearly to the best spots, and the best way to do that is with a map.  Someone with an artistic hand and an eye for surveying could greatly benefit the next few weeks of raspberry picking.

Raspberry Guide — For the month of July, During the distributions, and a few other times during the week, we could use someone to direct the raspberry harvests.  This would involve checking in with the farmers about the best places, hanging out for a couple of hours, and being available to show pickers where they can go.  The raspberries should be picked three or four times a week.  The more help we get, the more I plan to encourage people to come, perhaps even opening to the general public.  Let me know if you’d like to be a guide for one or more of the following times.

  • Monday, 9 to 11
  • Tuesday, 4 to 6:30
  • Thursday, 9 to 11
  • Friday, 4 to 6:30
  • Sometime on Saturday or Sunday

Harvest Crew — During the summer, a lot of our harvesting happens in the afternoons, throughout the week.  It can be more leisurely than the rush on Tuesday and Friday mornings before distributions.  We’re looking for a few people to help with the harvests of tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, and beans, Monday and Thursday, 4 to 6 PM.  This is excellent and pleasant work for people of all ages.   Want to come out once a week, for the month of July?  Let me know, and we can get started next week!


Beekeeping — The Kranz Hill Farm wants a beekeeper!  We have lots of flowers and bees out here, but they all fly off to make honey somewhere else.  We welcome someone to keep a hive up here, and might be able to help supply some equipment.  Let us know if you’re interested.

Herb Garden and Flower Garden — We’d be very glad to have a permanent herb garden, but haven’t been able to fit it into our management of the farm.  The attention to the produce allows us to plant a few herbs — usually cilantro, basil, and parsley — but all the rich variety of culinary and medicinal herbs call for more attention than we can dedicate.  Anyone want to manage an herb garden on the property?  The same goes for flowers.  Let us know — it’s not too late to start this season!


Fence Building — The back pasture needs to be fenced before we can bring in horses or sheep.  Melanie has plans to install a fence this summer.  Let us know if you’re interested in helping, and we’ll be sure to contact you when we have details.

Bins for Eggshells and Coffee Grounds — We can make good use of our shareholders’ food scraps!  We feed ground eggshells to our chickens, and what they can’t use makes excellent fertilizer for our tomatoes and eggplant.  Used coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and neutral in acidity.  They’re also both easy to store for a week.  We’d be very pleased to turn over what would be food waste into useful product, but we need a couple of bins to receive and store the things.  We’ve got the lumber, and can acquire the fasteners, if you can supply the carpentry.  I’m imagining 30-inch cubes.  Let me know if you can help!

Tinkering and Repair — We have a lot of old equipment that sometimes languishes for lack of time and expertise in repair.  A plastic backpack sprayer, garden tools wiggled loose over years of use… take a walk with me through our barn, and see what we can find to fix!  If you like to fix things up, we can make use of your help.

Short Shed for the Tractor Implements — We don’t have room in our barn to store the tractor implements, but we’d like to keep them out of the weather.  Our handyman has suggested some plans for a hinged shed.  Again, we have the lumber and can get the fasteners, we just need a carpenter.

Pest Control — Have an interest, or some skill, in tracking?  We’d like to know where and how the pests are getting into our field, and to keep them out.  The deer fence is good, but it’s not keeping out all the deer, and the groundhogs are a persistent problem.  Want to see what you can do with an hour a week for the month of July?


Saturday Morning — We have plans to offer work for people of all ages and abilities from 8:30 to 11:30 on alternate Saturday mornings through the month of July, and then further if there’s interest. The current dates are July 11th and July 25th.  It’s helpful, but not necessary, to know that you plan to help.

Summer Work for High School Students and Others — Omnia Humanitas is a non-profit organization, and work for us often counts towards a student’s requirement to volunteer in the summer.   If you’re looking for an interesting way to spend a few hours, we usually can get schedule a time for a crew to work together.  Many hands make light work; a crew can get a lot done in just a couple of hours.  This is our current interns’ schedule:

  • Tuesday, 7 to 12
  • Thursday 2 to 6
  • Friday 7 to 12
  • Saturday 8:30 to 5

Those times are the most convenient for us to schedule other workers, but we can work with conflicting schedules.  It’s good work, and there’s tangible fruit from the labor.