Print and Digital Publicity

Internship or Work-Share in Print and Digital Publicity

Payment – 1 Small or Regular Share

Duties include:

3 to 6 hours per week


Managing Social Media Accounts (Facebook and Instagram)

-Designing content and providing photographs

-Audience engagement and responding to questions and interest

-Maintaining and updating the website and providing content

-Appropriately linking Social Media accounts


Managing Advertising for the CSA and general farm events

-Designing Content

-Choosing where and how to advertise, this includes deciding which opportunities are worth paying money for the advertisement

-Consultation with the farm managers

-Implementing the advertisements

-Follow up on any response or interest

-Completing advertisements as necessary


For more information, please e-mail at or call at (302) 540 0912.  To apply, please contact us with a description of your interest in the position and experience with social media and publicity.