Pork From Willow Haven Farm

Pastured Pork For Sale!



“All of the animals were born on my farm and were raised outdoors on pasture.  This means that they had plenty of room to graze and to rest in the shade.  The pigs were fed organic, no soy feed.  Willow Haven Farm follows the national organic standards.  We hope that you enjoy the delicious meat. ” — Reuben DeMaster, Willow Haven Farm


Here at the Kranz Hill Farm, we don’t have any animals for meat, but we have a connection with Willow Haven Farm, just about a hundred miles north in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania.

Reuben DeMaster and his family raise pigs in the pasture and using organic grain feed.  This year, in the spring, we arranged for our shareholders to purchase this excellent pork through our farm, and we will receive another delivery early next month.  This time, the sale is open to the general public.   Mr. DeMaster has a total of 500 lbs of pork available, and 4 whole lambs.  The prices are excellent for organic pork.

Sausage Pack – $60 for 7 pounds of mixed sausage – maple breakfast, chorizo, loose ground, and Italian. 

Pork Sampler – $130 for 15 pounds of mixed cuts – chops, roast, ribs, ham, bacon, and sausage.

Family Pack – $240 for 30 pounds of mixed cuts – chops, roast, ribs, ham, bacon, and sausage.

Lamb – $315 for a whole lamb – approximately 25 pounds – chops, leg, shanks, roast, ribs, and ground.

Delivery is planned in two parts — first, on December 9th for the uncured meat, and second, on December 19th or 20th for the cured bacon and ham.  The packs will be picked up here, in the afternoon of the delivery, at the Kranz Hill Farm, or delivered (within a 10-mile driving distance) for a $5 fee.

If you are interested in purchasing part of the lamb, please contact me at 0h.farm@yahoo.com, so I can try to arrange a partner.  If you would like to make payment by check or cash, or have any other questions, please e-mail or call at (302) 540 0912.


For more information about how the pigs are raised, check out Willow Haven’s webpage: http://www.willowhavenfarmpa.com/pastured-chicken-pastured-pork-grass-fed-lamb-beef