Farm Hand

There’s lots to do on a farm!  We could always use a hand. Here are some examples of what we might be up to throughout the season.

If the day’s work seems like the perfect way to get some fresh air and spend time at the farm, give us a call 302-540-0912 and come on out to lend a hand!


  • Prepare tens of thousands of square feet for planting
  • Plant potatoes
  • Plant lettuce, collards, radishes, and more
  • Transplant broccoli, cabbage, zinnias, and more


  • Plant sunflowers
  • Plant radishes, beets, and turnip seeds
  • Harvest and wash produce
  • Harvest summer squash, beans, and tomatoes
  • Harvest and prepare produce for distribution
  • Set up drip irrigation
  • Prepare beds for winter squash and beans
  • Weeding – perpetually! 🙂


  • Dig potatoes. It’s like a treasure hunt!