Digging and Dinner!

Tentative Schedule 

Digging and Dinner!

March 31st through April 4th, 2014

7 AM – 7 PM, Lunch Break from 12-2, Dinner at 6 PM

These activities have been planned in view of the expected weather and labor on hand.  They may be changed to respond to circumstances.  If you especially want to work on any of these activities, please call ((302) 540 0912) so we can try to accommodate.

If large crews show up, or people with special expertise, we may take advantage of their work to complete additional projects.  If possible during the week, we also want to build a cold-frametill plots for next month’s plantingsrepair the brake line and power steering on the truck, and other useful tasks.

Monday Morning:  General clean-up of the fields — Prepare trellises for peas —  Mixing soil for soil blocks

Monday Afternoon:  Make soil blocks — Plant-up eggplant seedlings in soil blocks — Sow broccoli and cabbage seeds in soil blocks — Collect and spread mushroom soil and rocks for an herb garden.

Tuesday Morning: Prepare plot for long-season greens — Fix up deer fence — Plant plot of long-season greens

Tuesday Afternoon:  Prepare potatoes for planting — Put up trellises for peas — Make protective teepees for fruit trees

Wednesday Morning: Set up drip irrigation system — Clean manure from chicken run

Wednesday Afternoon: Plant two thousand feet of potatoes

Thursday Morning and Afternoon: Finish incomplete projects.

Friday Morning: Mix soil for soil blocks — Make soil blocks — Plant tomato and lettuce seeds

Friday Afternoon: Prepare plot for root crops