Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

The Kranz Hill Farm CSA grows a wide variety of vegetables and some kitchen herbs for our shareholders.  The quality of our produce is very important to us.  It must be fresh, tasty, and attractive to be included in the shares.


Produce is usually distributed on the same day it was harvested.  This contributes to the exceptional taste and wholesomeness of our food. Our shareholders often comment on the longevity of our produce.


By careful selection of the varieties we grow, attentive management of the fertility of our fields, a few tricks of the trade, and gifts of providence, we are able to grow exceptionally tasty produce.  Each year a different crop may take the prize (this year it has been leafy greens like arugula and mustard, last year it was peppers), but our shareholders consistently praise the exceptional taste of our produce.


We hand-wash most produce to remove the grit and grime that it picked up in the field.  This makes picking up your share more of a delight, and it makes preparation and cooking easier for you. 

Shareholders come to the farm weekly to pick up their vegetables in our old barn.  The week’s harvest is laid out in bins with signs indicating how much of each item shareholders may take.  Within certain limits, shareholders choose the contents of their share.  The selection and quantity varies weekly, slowly and subtly following the changing seasons.  Every week is different.  Every year is different.  Join us!

A Note About Our Cultural Practices:  

We do not use synthetic herbicides. pesticides, or fertilizers on our crops.   Our first lines of defense against diseases, weeds, and pests are cultural and mechanical (e.g. planting beans early before the pests that like to eat them become a problem and using row cover to keep flea beetles off of the broccoli).  When organic pesticides are used we are careful to use them in a way to ensure safety for the farmers and shareholders.  If you would like to know more about our practices please call or email us.  We are always happy to “talk shop” and set your mind at ease.