CSA Shares Available for 2018!

CSA Shares are now available for the 2018 season! The Kranz Hill Farm CSA program offers a lot of flexibility and choice to members.  Our pickups are in the style of a farmer’s market, with plenty of opportunity to stock up on favorites, try a novel item, or pass over unwanted items — all while [...]

Haedalia 2017 — Fall Festival on Saturday, September 30

Season Begins Next Week!

The season begins next week!  If you have thought of buying a share, now’s an excellent time to consider it.  Please call me at (302) 540 0912, or e-mail at oh.farm@yahoo.com, if you have any questions or would like to visit. In the meantime, a photographic tour of the field! What’s growing for next week? [...]

Spring Clean-Up! Success!

Last Saturday, April 22nd, we hosted our first big “volunteer event” of the season, the Spring Clean-Up.  The nineteen of us fixed up the stables and the goat fence, cleaned up the fields and the orchard, and thoroughly cleaned and organized the barn. The rain put us into the barn around lunchtime, and we got [...]

Summer Camp Down on the Farm!

Summer Camp at the Farm? Hooray! A week at the farm! This summer, children, ages 8 – 13, can spend an intensive week at the farm, chock full of things to discover and experience. The history of and innovations in farming: shadoufs and aqueducts, wheel seeders and flame weeders; the interplay of soil, sun, and [...]

Spring Clean-Up at the Farm!

Saturday, April 22nd 10 AM – 2 PM Bring a friend and a picnic lunch!  Spring at the Kranz Hill Farm! On Saturday, April 22nd, from 10 AM to 2 PM, we’ll be cleaning up the farm to make it look excellent.  We’re expecting a photographer at the farm the following week (April 25th), and [...]

The Midnight Farmer What Farms At Midnight…

In these past couple of weeks, we’ve really leapt on the farming season.  Plans to get into the field earlier were held off by snow and ice — — but last week’s lovely weather had us spreading tons of mushroom soil.  Once the soil was laid down, we plowed and harrowed, and the soil was [...]

It’s winter, but we’re still here!   After Christmas, with the lengthening days, we’re always aware that we’re building up to spring.  My heart starts getting ready for the next season, and every warm spell stirs me to pick up the pace a little more — even if we might just have three weeks of [...]

A Good End to a Good Season

We concluded our 2016 season on Friday, with a pickup that included a large variety of greens and root crops.  It was our best season yet.  Our irrigation system was adequate to face the summer’s dry weather.  Our new succession planting system led to a much larger variety available for shareholders each week.  Assistance from [...]

Fall Pork Sale!

  Check out our new page on pork from Willow Haven Farm!  We’re hosting our second pork delivery.  The meat is excellent, and at an excellent price! http://kranzhillfarm.org/pork-from-willow-haven-farm/