Week 8

Sorry that we missed a few weeks on here. I hope no one has been left hanging. You are always welcome to email or call , if you’re looking for recipes, or if you have other questions about the produce. I’ll just mention a few quick things that may be of interest. This week there [...]

Week 6: Welcome to Summer

This is the first week of summer and someone told our vegetables.  This week’s distribution, in addition to various greens, includes tomatoes and peppers!  We’re very excited; this is much earlier than we’ve had them in previous years.  We’re harvesting a variety of cherry tomatoes (which I’ll write about as more come in) and a [...]

The Pea Harvest is In

A number of shareholders have told us that they have been enjoying the lamb’s quarters.  We are so pleased.  We may have another wild treat for our shareholders to try soon! On the cultivated side of things the pea harvest has begun. We harvested over 60 pounds of peas for Tuesday, and we’ll be harvesting more for Friday. [...]

Week Two…

This week the harvest includes leaf lettuce and other salad greens, radishes, broccoli greens, and lamb’s quarters. Here is a recipe for Quick Pickled Radishes, and another for Grilled Radishes. Many people are unfamiliar with lamb’s quarters. It is a wild relative of spinach, and, as rumor has it, quite nutritious. It is a wild crop, [...]

With the cool spring we’ve been having many of our crops are growing slowly, but our radishes are thriving! This unique abundance sent us searching the web for recipes–what do you do with so many radishes anyway?  Here are links to what we found (and an idea of our own). Radishes with Butter and Sea Salt Roasted Radishes with Radish Greens [...]


  Skunks are adorable with their thick, glossy coats, dainty hands, liquid black eyes, and inquisitive noses.  How do we know?  We accidentally caught one! One of our farm managers, John Detwiler, noticed that groundhogs would often make their way along the chicken run’s fence line near the old rowboat that is overturned on the [...]