Kranz Hill Farm is located on 13.3 acres of a former Christmas tree farm that is now part of the White Clay Creek State Park. We welcome visitors all year round, with various programs including Farm ToursInternshipsFarm Hand and Volunteer opportunities, and Educational Programs for school groups, homeschoolers, and summer camps.

Our Mission

Our mission is to return small parcels of neglected or once farmed land to agricultural use, and to encourage those who live nearby to reacquaint themselves with the land and participate in farming.

We should all have the opportunity for occasional work in the dirt among growing things, the benefit of fresh local produce and farm goods, and the emotional lift of seeing or knowing that growing things are near at hand.

A Little History

Many years ago, nearly everyone who could had a patch of garden and a chicken or two.  During WW II, “Victory” gardens sprang up everywhere, supplementing people’s larders when food was hard to come by.

Now, in our modern day and age, few of us have the time to garden, and with the advent of agribusiness and long distance shipping, we haven’t had to.

Unfortunately, agribusiness and long distance shipping have led to a decrease in the nutritional value and taste of our food. Those of us who remember the mouthwatering delight of fresh picked strawberries warmed by the sun can hardly bring ourselves to buy their beautiful, but flavorless cousins in the market.

With rising food costs and renewed interest in fresh, local produce, gardening is once again coming into its own.

Omnia Humanitas

Kranz Hill Farm is maintained by Omnia Humanitas, a group of people dedicated to helping others lead integrated, fulfilling lives by working together to build communities, redefine education, and revitalize the land. More about Omnia Humanitas.