CSA Shares Available for 2018!

CSA Shares are now available for the 2018 season!

The Kranz Hill Farm CSA program offers a lot of flexibility and choice to members.  Our pickups are in the style of a farmer’s market, with plenty of opportunity to stock up on favorites, try a novel item, or pass over unwanted items — all while still getting one’s full share of the produce.

Pickup is at the farm itself, on a beautiful piece of property in White Clay Creek State Park.   Shareholders get to know the farmer and his family, exchange recipes and cooking tips, and visit the animals and play area.  Families often make a regular outing of it, especially outside the school year.

During pickups, we also hold a market for local goods, to supply shareholders and the public with whatever can be produced in the area.   Eggs, honey, apples, peaches, strawberries, jams, pickles, corn, pumpkins, and more are all conveniently available.

We have three pickup days each week: Tuesday (4-6 PM), Thursday (4-6 PM), and Saturday (12-2 PM).  We are always happy to make arrangements for someone to make up a missed share.

Our season runs for 24 weeks, from late May until early November.  We offer three types of share: Large, Small, and Biweekly.

Large Shares: Pickup every week, recommended for households of 4 to 6 adolescents and adults.  Cost is $650.

Small Shares: Pickup every week, recommended for households of 2 to 4 adolescents and adults.  Cost is $450.  Generally the same amount of choice as the large share, but smaller quantities.

Biweekly Shares: Pickup every other week, recommended for households of 1 or 2.  Cost is $250.  Same size as the small share, half as often.

We’re happy to answer any questions.  I will note that due to the unpredictability of the weather, we do not guarantee any particular type or amount of produce.  In general, after years of experience, and due to the variety of crops that we grow, we give CSA members a wide and pleasing variety and quantity of fresh vegetables.

To sign up, please fill out the registration form here: http://kranzhillfarm.org/community-supported-agriculture-csa/buying-a-share-in-the-csa/, or contact us at oh.farm@yahoo.com or (302) 540 0912. 



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