Season Begins Next Week!

The season begins next week!  If you have thought of buying a share, now’s an excellent time to consider it.  Please call me at (302) 540 0912, or e-mail at, if you have any questions or would like to visit.

In the meantime, a photographic tour of the field!

What’s growing for next week?  We have some broccoli, but the nascent heads are only barely to be seen.  We may pick some broccoli greens as a complement to our Siberian kale.

Our heads of lettuce were small when I took this photo, so I watered them and covered them with row cover.  The miniature greenhouse environment should help them plump up for next week.

We also have some “Sugar Ann” snap peas.  They’re tiny!  We’ll start harvesting them as soon as they’re ready, and keep it up as long as we can.  They may be ready for next week.

What else is in the field?  We have some rows of excellent potato plants, soaking up the big rain and the hot sun.

Our recently transplanted tomatoes aren’t quite recovered from transplant shock.

What’s that plastic sheet doing on the field?  It’s killing weeds, and preparing for a plot of herbs and flowers.

And finally, a little mysterious damage.  The bottom of our squash plants’ cotyledons (seed leaves) are all pitted and holed.  Well, this plant gave up its secrets.  Slugs!  Those plants have been covered and watered, too, to grow enough to outrace the slug damage.

Here’s a more pleasant photo to end on.  Rows of cole crops, growing and growing.

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  • Joan Rubens May 26, 2017, 7:01 am

    Is it possible to still get a farm share from your farm?

    • John Detwiler May 27, 2017, 9:15 am


      Yes, it is! Please give me a call; if you like, you could even register to join this week (the first week) and pick up today.

      John Detwiler
      (302) 540 0912


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