Summer Camp -Down on the Farm

Summer Camp at the Farm? Hooray! A week at the farm! This summer, children, ages 9 – 13, can spend an intensive week at the farm, chock full of things to discover and experience. The history of and innovations in farming: shadoufs and aqueducts, wheel seeders and flame weeders; the interplay of soil, sun, and water; bugs – who’s who and how they help and hurt; all about the plants, when and how they grow and why, how we help, what we eat, plus wild foraging between the rows of our tamer, more familiar produce; and animals on the farm, how they’re the same and different, their jobs at the farm, how to care for them, and then play with them!

And in the late afternoon, we’ll discover how cultivation and culture come together in music, fine arts, the written word, and crafts. Each day will focus on a different piece of music, artwork, or writing with the chance for the children to make their own music, their own art, their own poetry or stories, their own crafts, or spend more time in the fields and meadows or with the animals- however the child is inclined. Children bring their own lunches and we meet rain or shine! Camp runs from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM with aftercare available from 4:00 PM to 5:30PM. Space is limited, so to reserve a place follow the link  . See you this summer! We can hardly wait!

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