Week 8

Sorry that we missed a few weeks on here. I hope no one has been left hanging. You are always welcome to email or call , if you’re looking for recipes, or if you have other questions about the produce.

I’ll just mention a few quick things that may be of interest.

This week there are carrot greens in the share (although not very many carrots). Carrot greens make a good pesto, and can be added to a variety of dishes, like you might with parsley (to which they are related). The flavor and texture are not quite the same as parsley, so you’ll need to play around with how you like it.

Here is a recipe for Carrot Top Pesto and another one.

This Carrot Top and Chickpea Salad caught my eye.

Also this week we have lots of eggplant. We grow four varieties: Galine,a standard mid-sized, black bell type, Orient Charm, a long thin Asian type, Raja, a small white Indian variety, and Fairy Tale, a very small striped variety, which boasts very few seeds. In my experience these varieties can be used interchangeably, with most of the difference in the appearance of a dish. For instance the smaller varieties can be cut in half or even cooked whole, which can be striking in a stir fry or from the grill. My cooking style is fairy blunt, so those with a more subtle pallet or gourmet style may appreciate some differences in flavor and texture, but I say if your in a hurry, or just not very interested in the details, then you don’t need to get hung up on them.

The tomato plants still look good, but with all the cloudy weather, they are ripening slowly. So, no canning yet, although you can expect to have some for salads, sandwiches, and such.


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