The Pea Harvest is In

A number of shareholders have told us that they have been enjoying the lamb’s quarters.  We are so pleased.  We may have another wild treat for our shareholders to try soon!


Pea Plants with Blossoms

On the cultivated side of things the pea harvest has begun. We harvested over 60 pounds of peas for Tuesday, and we’ll be harvesting more for Friday.  The weather has been so odd this spring, so the season may be short.  But the peas are tasty, and with any luck, this cool, wet spell will be just the thing to give us an extra week or two.

We grow two types of peas, Sugar Snap and snow peas. Sugar Snap peas are excellent raw, as a snack or cut up in a salad; a light stir fry or steaming is also good.  Snow peas are generally cooked, but they can also be eaten raw. As the names indicate, snow peas are not as sweet and snappy as the Sugar Snaps, making them more generally suited for cooking.  The Sugar Snaps and snow peas do need stringing.

So far I have been using the peas raw, and I’m hoping to saute some with crimini mushrooms and garlic.  Here are a few recipes that caught my eye.  This one is made in the microwave.  This isn’t a recipe, but a good description on how to Cook them simply.  Maybe I’m getting redundant, but this recipe for Seared Sugar Snap Peas looks excellent.  Finally, a pleasant salad (this would go well with the salad turnips too).

The salad turnips (also called hakurei) have also come in. Returning shareholders will be familiar with these generally mild roots. New shareholders may be pleasantly surprised. Salad turnips, mild and sweet, are excellent in salads like radishes, cut up like a cucumber, or lightly cooked.  Here is a recipe for a roasted turnip salad.

We also have more salad greens, including lettuce.  Does anyone want recipes for these?  Let me know.


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