June 2015

New Shares Available!

With the advent of summer, the Kranz Hill Farm is booming with produce.  We started giving out tomatoes this week, and eggplant and peppers are just around the corner.  The wild raspberries around our fields started producing, and should yield for two or three more weeks.  Our summer squash plants are only a couple weeks [...]

Week 6: Welcome to Summer

This is the first week of summer and someone told our vegetables.  This week’s distribution, in addition to various greens, includes tomatoes and peppers!  We’re very excited; this is much earlier than we’ve had them in previous years.  We’re harvesting a variety of cherry tomatoes (which I’ll write about as more come in) and a [...]

Week Four

This week’s harvest includes salad greens, bok choi, peas, salad turnips, violet greens, and lamb ‘s quarters.  Today I will post a few recipes for violet greens, bok choi, and a new one for lamb’s quarters. Violet Greens are edible!  Who knew?  Apparently a lot of people did.  According to The American Violet Society it has [...]

Pick Your Own Peas, and Opportunities to Lend a Hand

Pick Your Own Peas! The Kranz Hill Farm is offering the opportunity for shareholders to come to the farm and pick their own sugar snap and snow peas.  We are offering particular times so that we can make sure to have some available for us to pick for distribution. Wednesday, June 10th — 8 AM [...]

The Romance of Seasons

Just this past weekend, the peas on our farm matured for harvest. The harvest will be short. Even in a good year, the season for peas lasts about a month or so, and this is not a good year. As a reputable website says, “Peas will produce as long as vines are healthy and temperatures [...]

The Pea Harvest is In

A number of shareholders have told us that they have been enjoying the lamb’s quarters.  We are so pleased.  We may have another wild treat for our shareholders to try soon! On the cultivated side of things the pea harvest has begun. We harvested over 60 pounds of peas for Tuesday, and we’ll be harvesting more for Friday. [...]