Welcome to the Kranz Hill Farm, CSA, 2015

This is the first week of distribution for the 2015 season and we are excited to be harvesting again.  I’ll be making regular posts about what’s in the share each week, including recipes, and other useful notes.  If you have any recipes or cooking tips you’d like to share please comment below, or send us an email.  I’m happy to talk cooking pretty much anytime.

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This week’s harvest includes lettuce, spinach, radishes, arugula, and edible arugula flowers.

The lettuce is baby leaf lettuce.  These are delicate and flavorful and should make great simple salads.  They can be mixed with other greens, or just enjoyed by themselves with a good dressing.

Raw, wilted, or cooked till it melts, spinach is one of my favorites.  Mark Bittman (strongly) prefers to cook it and discusses different ways to do so in The New York Times Magazine article “Spinach Is a Dish Best Served Cooked”.

Because of the recent dry weather our radishes and arugula are spicy!  I recommend the arugula for cooking.  Here are some recipes that caught my eye, with mushrooms, with tilapia, and with steak (OK, the arugula in this recipe is actually not cooked, but it looked good and it would be easy to wilt the arugula first).  One of my favorite ways to eat greens is with fried eggs for breakfast.  After the egg is done and removed, but the pan is still hot, throw in a handful or two of washed (still wet) arugula.  It will sizzle and wilt quickly.  When it looks good, it’s done. Eat it and the egg with toast, a muffin, or leftover rice or potatoes, to make a hearty breakfast.

It may surprise you that we also recommend the radishes for cooking.  Slice them and saute in butter, or grill them, or roast them, or… there are so many possibilities.  Really, when I was looking up recipes there were so many it was hard to stop.  Here are two, Sauteed Radishes and Glazed Radishes.  Finally for those who love a spicy bite, they can, of course, be mixed with the lettuce for a lively salad, or combined with roast beef in a sandwich.

Arugula flowers are a treat; some people even prefer them to the greens.  The flavor is similar to the greens, but more sweet and mild.  Add them to salads or sandwiches, mix them up with scrambled eggs.  For more ideas check out thekitchn.com.

We hope that everyone enjoys their produce this week.  Let me know if you try any of these recipes; are any of them gems to hold on to?

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  • Kelly Sakiewicz May 21, 2015, 8:16 pm

    I sauteed my radishes in olive oil with salt and pepper this week. They were great! It was my first time eating radishes and I will definitely have them again.

    • Thera Detwiler May 21, 2015, 10:00 pm

      I’m glad that you enjoyed them. Thanks for the comment.


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