April 2015

Upcoming Tours

This week and next, we will hold tours of the Farm for those interested in more information, or just keeping up on the season’s growth.  Please come by; the tours can expect to begin at 5 minutes past the hour, and go for about thirty minutes.  In case of inclement weather, please check here; if [...]

What’s Planted?

In the greenhouse are all our tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.  The broccoli and cabbage have been transplanted, and are looking excellent under their row cover. Otherwise, there are snap peas and giant snow peas, just sending up their tendrils — we should be giving them trellises soon.  There are beets, turnips, salad turnips, radishes, and [...]

Dear shareholders: Spring’s typical weather has finally arrived!  It’s warm and sunny, with occasional rains — excellent weather for farming.  In order to get outside again, I’ll be making this update brief; but I thought you all should have an update on how things are going. Before Easter, we planted sugar snap and snow peas, [...]