Springing to life…

It’s spring!


The vegetation here at the farm has vigorously sprung up from its long winter’s sleep.  The daffodils are in full bloom.  More than 1/3 of our vegetable plots are fully planted, a few with young seedlings and shoots ready to mature into productive crops, a couple with potatoes sprouting below the ground, just about to emerge, and a few with seeds not yet come to life.  The weeds are also growing up, and we are responding with one of last year’s new tools, the wheel hoe.

The weather has been very good, since the last snow melted from the field.  Each week has been mostly dry and good for work, but with one or two good rains, to quicken the seeds and nourish the seedlings.  In general, the growth is a week or two behind, but aside from that, it has been rapid and strong.

Sales are going very well, too — so well, that we may sell out before the first distribution!  I would not be surprised to find that we had sold out by this Saturday.  When we sell out, we will make an announcement here and on Facebook, take down our online payment option, and keep a waiting list for next season, or for any openings in this season.

The octave of Easter is always a week of vacation for us at the farm, and we are looking forward to enjoying the spring with some leisure, before we jump back in for the rest of the season’s work.

— John Detwiler

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