Winter Preparations!

The winter continues, nearly unabated, but there are signs that spring is on the way.  Last weekend, the blanket of snow nearly melted away as my family walked around the farm without coats and observed the stream carrying fine dirt down the driveway.  The birds are returning: a whole flock of red-winged blackbirds took off outside our front window in a show of scarlet.  And the goats have finally been free to wander around their pen, no longer held back by the hoof-freezing snow.  (They seem eager for visitors!)

Preparations for the season have begun in earnest.

— I have been doing the annual maintenance on the tractor — mostly changing oil and replacing damaged parts.

— The greenhouse is being put into good order.  We tested the heater and the fan’s electrical system, and found them both still working.  Window covers will be put in place this weekend, and we have commissioned a set of tables to be built, to line the sides of the greenhouse and make best use of the space.

— Most of the season’s seeds have been ordered, and are sitting warm and dry inside the apartment, ready for planting.

— Shares are being sold, and we are far ahead of our sales for last year.  We have added an online payment option (see the “CSA” link at the top of the page).  It doesn’t look like we’re going to sell out in the next couple of weeks, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if all the shares were sold by March 21st!


Next week should be the first planting in the greenhouse: seeds for 910 seedlings of broccoli and cabbage!  The following week we are hoping to plant sugar snap peas and snow peas.  That is, if the sun and wind come out swiftly to dry the field… but that’s the sort of unpredictability we have to take into account.  As it is, the snow is falling again, and the animals are hiding back under the barn roof.

Well, spring is on the way, sooner or later.

— John Detwiler

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