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Hello, Oh! Farm readers my name is Kristina and I will be posting here from time to time. I hope to bring you new recipes, interesting goings on at the farm, quirky facts, and news on exciting events that we will be hosting.

Speaking of recipes, is any one flush with wonderful veggies that must be used quickly? Let me know in the comments section so I can post the recipes that you need most.

When I have a ton of fruit or veggies on hand I like to freeze them. Now this has its limits, mostly because of the unfortunate physical limits of my freezer. Despite this I believe there are about six pounds of strawberries, eight and a half pounds of sour pie cherries (I’m sure on this one because I pitted them all by hand), and about ten pounds of peas stashed in mine.

Here are some helpful links all about freezing:


Freezing adviceĀ 


What I’m interested in exploring next is small batch preserving or canning. But that is another post!

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