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The first Omnia Humanitas Community Farm, the Kranz Hill Farm at White Clay Creek State Park is more than a source of tasty vegetables; it’s full of humor and learning too.  Not only do our shareholders receive 28 or so weeks of tasty vegetables, not only do our visitors get to roam about the meadows, fields, and woods of our lovely bit of the landscape, but everyone gets to learn about what we’re up to – our struggles, our innovations, our successes, and the frustrations, satisfaction, and hilarity that ensue – plus all kinds of interesting information about agriculture, nature, and society and the interplay amongst them. Our newsletter, “E, I, E, I, … OH!” and this blog are our way of bringing these additional delights to you.

So, welcome, enjoy, and here’s to a bountiful new season full of luscious food and charming delights!

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