• The Midnight Farmer What Farms At Midnight…

    In these past couple of weeks, we’ve really leapt on the farming season.  Plans to get into the field earlier were...

  • It’s winter, but we’re still here — getting ready for 2017!

    It’s winter, but we’re still here!   After Christmas, with the lengthening days, we’re always aware...

  • A Good End to a Good Season

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  • Fall Pork Sale!

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  • Haedalia 2016! — Saturday, September 24th

    Our annual festival, Haedalia, is going to be held tomorrow, September 24th from 10 AM to dusk!  Come and join us for a...

About the Farm

Kranz Hill Farm is located on 13.3 acres of a former Christmas tree farm that is now part of the White Clay Creek State Park. Surrounded by hay fields and the woods of the park, the farm is an idyllic respite from town life just a minute or two away.

The farm is devoted to the cultivation of vegetable, herbs, and flowers, a green house for seedlings, a chicken house and run, a barn, a goat and donkey paddock, and pasture for sheep and horses.

What Can You Do

Kranz Hill Farm welcomes visitors all year round. Click around for more information on our various offerings, including Farm ToursInternshipsFarm Hand and Volunteer opportunities, and Educational Programs for school groups, homeschoolers, and summer camps.

What can you do? A few ideas:

  • Savor the exquisite taste of vegetables picked warm in the sun
  • Design an irrigation system using solar energy
  • Remember the joy of playing in the dirt among the growing things
  • Admire the rooster, feed the hens, gather their warm brown eggs
  • Watch the sun rise from under the apple trees

Our Mission

Our mission is to return small parcels of neglected or once farmed land to agricultural use, and to encourage those who live nearby to reacquaint themselves with the land and participate in farming.